In short, I solve people puzzles.

I negotiate sustained working relationships that are relaxed and struggle free. I turnaround all kinds of partnerships so that co-workers and children of all ages smile again and feel nurtured. We replace fighting with problem solving and more caring connections. We replace avoidance with meaningful contact. First, my clients gain perspective and see possibilities. Then with more positive attitudes and behaviors they really become smart.

  • Sales, teamwork, leadership, and productivity improve.
  • As a meeting facilitator, I also build successful group dialogue and responsive community.
  • As a divorce coach, I save your dignity and reduce your legal fees.
  • As Marital Counselor, or Executive Coach I can work closely with your business attorney.
  • As Child Specialist and I can team with your divorce attorney.
  • As a family event coach or family therapist, I assure joy before and during your event.
  • As an executive coach and family business coach, I facilitate leadership skills and help plan succession from generation to generation and assist siblings to work as effective partners.

What We Do at Work

Executive Perspective provides perspective, performance enhancement and conflict resolution through leadership and life strategy coaching, custom designed to build or restore successful working relationships. We offer Sales, Management or Career Counseling or Reinvention and Meeting Facilitation. Shel Miller, executive and family business coach, provides individual workplace consultation at your office re work and/or family or integration of work and family demands.

Replace Reactivity with Responding.

Even your youngest child will benefit from a family business consultant helping you calmly resolve sibling or succession issues facing an aging parent/executive at work. Child, Adult, Business and Family Developmental transitions or changes are always intertwined and mutually impacting on one another.

Whatever the official role — Executive Coach, Family Therapist or Event Coach, Family Business Consultant, Marital Counselor, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, Communications Expert, Process Coach, Psychologist, Attorney’s Consultant for Collaborative Practice, — contact Shel Miller, Ph.D. in the Boston area, whenever you need a neutral, non-judgmental expert facilitator or sounding board to provide perspective through the amazing power of dialogue.

One can solve people puzzles efficiently and effectively in many different roles.

“The quickest way to be happy is to choose what you already have.”

Werner Erhard

  • Shel J. Miller, Ph.D.

    About Shel
    I build relationships - relationships that restore joy and meaning. My clients and I focus on their relationship strengths, on what's strong rather than what's wrong. I am a psychologist coach capable of effective, efficient transforming of conflict whether it emerged from the bedroom or the boardroom. Thus I offer executive, family, marriage and divorce coaching in order to provide solutions to personal or business conflicts.

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