Changing the Culture of Divorce: A Review

Following Jung, who said “There is not birth of consciousness without pain, she reminded us that suffering, loss, and death can lead to rebirth? At one of the later convention workshops on Advocacy versus Empathy, reference was made to “the initial trauma of divorce” and the need to wait until people emerge from the shadows in order to be able to fully function under the strictures of the four way agreement and be able to make wise decisions about their future needs in the legal process. Divorce rituals may be the most efficient paths to achieving such an end for those couples struggling through the legal divorce. As we all know the emotional divorce does not easily happen in sync with the legal, economic, and social or community divorce processes.

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Review of Marilyn Beloff, Ph.D. ’s October 21, 2004 Workshop, "Changing the Culture of Divorce: A training in the Use of Healing Ritual" at the Boston Law Collaborative

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